Believed In Allah


Allah can heal every pain of your broken heart. Just have patience!!

Ya Allah, I have wronged myself. Please forgive me & never leave me alone!!

Turning back to Allah with a broken heart gives you the best feeling ever!!

Ya Allah, protect us all from evil eyes!!

Ya Allah, I’m nothing without you!!

Allah has the best plan for you. Never doubt it!!

Ya Allah, keep my heart free from the greed of this world!!

Ya Allah, don’t punish us if we forget to be grateful enough!!

Ya Allah, Never let me forget that your love is greater than the love of everything!!

When no one comes to help you during your trouble, know that Allah doesn’t want you to take help from anyone except Him!

If there is pride in someone, then he should walk through the graveyard. So many arrogant people are lying there today!!!! Your body will rot before the bamboo of your grave is rotten.

Alhamdulillah for every heart breaks that bring me more closer to Allah!!

I got to Know HIM more in pain than in happiness!

When I feel distance from Allah; I feel like I’m dying!

When I feel distance from Allah; I feel like I’m dying!

The people who hurt you by showing their attitude & break your heart are a blessing in disguise. They are teaching you a valuable lesson in life, that you should never do the same with others!!


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