Short Islamic Quotes

The strongest among you is the one who controls his anger”

Worries end when Salah begins”

“May Allah fill our hearts with so much love that there is no room left for hate”

“Haram is haram no matter how trendy, common it may be. And no amount of spin can change this fact”

“If you pray for others with a sincere heart then you will not need to pray for yourself”

“Difficulties in life are a test of how strong our relationship is with Allah”

We don’t pray to exist, We exist to pray”

Did He Not Realise That Allah Is Watching”

“When Prayers Become Your Habit, Miracle Will Become Your Lifestyle”

“Alhamdulillah – For Everything”

“Be Patient For What Was Written For You, Was Written By The Greatest Of Writers”

“Be Like The Flower That Gives Its Fragrance Even To The Hand That Crushes it”

“Kindness Is A Mark Of Faith And Whoever Is Not Kind Has No Faith”

“Sometimes The People With The Worst Past, Create The Best Future”

“The Beauty Of Sujod Is, You Whispers Down On Earth And It’s Heard Up In The Heavens”

“Everything Around You Will Be Going One Day, The Only Thing That Will Matter Is What You Did For Allah”

“Do Not Lose Heart Nor Fall Into Despair, You Will Be Superior If You Are A Believer”

“Being Muslim Is The Biggest Reward From Allah”

“Allah Gives The Hardest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers”

“Dunya Isn’t The Resting Place, It Is The Testing Place”

“If Allah Guides You To Remember Him, It Is A Sign That Allah Loves You”

You will die the way you lived”

“Allah Doesn’t Change The Condition Of A People Unless They Change Themselves”

“Be the Muslim you want to see in this world”


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