Nice Quotes | Nice SMS

When someone loves U, U don”t realize it…When U realize it, Its too late.
U always love the one who leaves U & Leave the one who loves U…

learn to smile
learn to cry
learn to give
learn to forgive
learn to share
learn to trust
learn to love
and learn to say

If someone is too tired to give you a smile, leave one of your own, because no one needs a smile as much as those who have none to give.

When U are in trouble, never say oh ALLAH (GOD) I have a problem, instead say dear problem I have a big ALLAH (GOD) and u ll see how quickly ur problems comes to end.

“Sadness is beautiful!!!!!!!! Loneliness is tragically”.

Some one is loving u
caring for u
Watching over u
Protecting u

Never say gud bye 2 sum1 who luvs u..
Never say thanx who really needs u..
Never blame a person who really trusts u..
Never forget a person who think u as LIFE

-there is a long ,
long trail a winding
-into the lands of my dreams
-where the nightmare is singing
-and white moon beams
-a long night of waiting untill my dreams all come true……..

When we lose all helps and think its THE END.
Allah smiles and said
“Its just BEND not THE END”

The true meaning of life is to plant trees under who”s shade you do not expect
to sit.

Your smile is like UFONE–> Its all about U.
Your voice is like ZONG–> Say it all.
Your love is like TELENNOR–> Expect More.
But our relation is like WARID–> We Care.

Never waste an opportunity to say “I love U” to someone u really like, because it is not everyday u”ll meet the person who has the magic to let u fall in love.

My Calcluations Are Ü+MË=Û§

Some People Have Nice Eyes, Some Have a Nice Smile & Some of Them Have a Nice Face But Yoy Have All of Them Inclluding a nice Heart…

Days are too BUSY.. Hours are too FEW.. Seconds are too FAST.. but there is Always a time for me to ask.. How are you? and Hope you’re FINE.. MISS you!

Never whisper words of love if the feeling is not true…Never share your
feeling if you mean to break a heart… Never look into my eyes if all you have
to do is lie… and never say hello if you really mean goodbye


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