your work

You have always let your Work speak for you Let your honesty answer all criticism. We know you are leaving a very proud man!


Girl And Boy Jokes

Girl : why do you keep on following me ? Boy : because you are so pretty and i think i am falling in love with you. Girl : really?...... but you haven't met my friend yet. she is more prettier than me and she is right behind you (the guy looking behind him but … Continue reading Girl And Boy Jokes

The Almighty’s Plan for us doesn’t have mystery

The Almighty’s Plan for us doesn’t have to be a mystery. If we trust Him, do what He asks, His Plan will unfold in our lives like a brightly lit path. If you are trying to follow His Guidance, but you find yourself confronted with obstacles and hardship, don’t despair. He knows!

make a commitment that you’ll henceforth

Make a commitment that you’ll henceforth spend a lot of time working on your shortcomings & your link with the Almighty, leaving no time to judge & criticize others. You’ll channel your energy towards becoming a better version of yourself & strive towards positivity & goodness!