Don’t Be Sad

Don’t be sad to the extent that we think nobody could possibly be in a worse situation than what we’re facing now. That’s not true. Always look at those who are in far worse situations than ourselves when we’re feeling hopeless and depressed.


10 Hadith From Prophet PBUH

"The upper hand is better than the lower one, the upper being the one which bestows and the lower one which begs." [Muslim] The Prophet (ﷺ) said: "The two rak'ahs (before) Fajr are better than this world and everything in it." "The Prophet (ﷺ) never criticized any food but he used to eat if he [...]

Do Good

Think good thoughts. Be good & do good. But this may be too difficult for many today who have a holier-than-thou  mentality & are constantly judging others. Don’t forget that the person you looked down on may be in Paradise before you if the Almighty wills.

Plan for Your life

As humans, we love to plan. We plan for today, tommorw, the future. It’s fine to plan. Dream. Hope. Pray for the best. But put your trust in the One who knows you better than you know yourself. And in the process, always remember that the Almighty is the Best of all Planners!

Good peoples

At times, we condemn good people because we disagree with them over a few issues. We refuse to see the good they’re doing. Disagreements do not automatically make a person extreme, bad or evil. Learn to distinguish between the one who respectfully disagrees & the one who is evil!

Master Planner

The Almighty’s attention to detail is like no other! He is perfection. So why should you worry when you have a Master Planner for your life? He’s bestowed you with so much goodness. Do your part and your Provider will give you what it takes to build a good life!

keep praying

Keep praying for patience & contentment. We live in such a materialistic world that it can be hard to resist stuff you see around you. Don’t be tempted to have the latest in everything; fashion, electronic gadgets, computers & cars. Spend that money on a good cause instead!

feed your faith

Feed your faith constantly by remembering the Almighty. Focus on the good He has bestowed on you and be ever grateful. When you live a life of gratitude, you see things which a negative mind can’t. Thank Him for everything and He will grant you more!

blessings of a day

Almighty. On this blessed day, grant ease to those who are stressed out by the demands of this world as life is always throwing up new challenges and difficulties. Relieve them from the weight of their worries and stress. Let peace dwell in their hearts and minds. Aameen.


As you go about spreading  goodness & lending a hand to others, remember that you’re just as important as other people. Learn to say "no" when your obligations & responsibilities get too much. Don’t spread yourself so thin that you’ll end up no good for yourself or anyone else!

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