O God

“O God, when I lose hope because my plans have come to nothing… Then help me to remember that, Your Love is always greater than my disappointments, & Your Plans for my life are always better than my dreams..” (Ameen) Share this prayer wth all. It strengthen’s faith. Alhamdulillah

pray to Allah Almighty

Pray to Allah Almighty, And show some faith n dignity, Quran be at your side, Islam giving you a pride, Sunnah be a light for you, That will glow and let you do, All the acts to make you feel, Nothing but this land is real.

The world will teach you to never be satisfied

The world will teach you to never be satisfied; always wanting more. It’s one of the biggest traps of Satan. It’s so widespread that people have forgotten to appreciate what they have. Always uneasy, thinking of the next thing even before they can appreciate what they have!