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Best Story in English!  The Princess forgave everyone with open heart, but made them all realize that they weer wrong.

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The Story of One king and the Seven Princess | Story in English

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Story in English

There was a king. He had sever daughter, He loved them very kuch and took care of their every comfort. Once wehn the table was set, the all sat together for a meal. The kin took one his duagherts. Asked the questions. How much do you guys want me. The big princess said “Dad! I want you like Gulab Jamun”.

The king was happy and gave him four villages. The second one said ” I want you like snow”. The king gave him a larger area.

The thirs girl said,” I want you like immortality”. The king also gave her alot of land and property. In the same way, he asked everyone and everyone kept getting wealth and wealth. When the king asked the seventh girl, duagher. How much do you want me, she said very lovingly, that.

Story in English

“Father, I want you much as salt.”  Hearing this, the king become so angry. He said,n “Everyone want me so much, you are as much as salt?” He was very angry and threw the little daughter out of the palace and said now Never step here.

She went to the forest and made a hut by mixing leaves and wood and started living there. When she was hungry, she would eat fruit and sleep on a bed of dry leaves.

One day, when she woke up, she saw that the feathers of colorful birds were scattered everywhere. Then the next day she found more feathers. She collected many feathers and made many petals and wen to the adge of the forest and sat by the road and covered her face with a sheet.

People came and bought petals. They had never seen such beautiful petals. Now there was a crowd.

Once the prince passed by, He had never seen such beautiful fans. He bought them all. Then he asked the princess who you were. She did not answer, Her beautiful hand said the she had never worked with a fan. His gingers were injured in the making. The Prince followed her into the forest and when he found out that she was a princess and was being punished, he was very sad. He went back to his kingdom and told the whole story to his parents. The son’s procession came to forest.

They both got married but the princess missed her father very much. SHe was not happy. One day whe told the prince that she wanted to invide her parents and meet them. Is

The prince arranged a graet feast and invited the king. The princess said, “You see the whole arrangement, but I willl prepare the food for my parents and sisters myself. All the guests came, many tables were set together and arrangements where made inside for the king and the princess.

When she sat down to eat , his daughter sat in front of him. She was wearing a niqab.

When the king took the first dish, there was no salt in  the food. The second dish was brought out. It was also without salt. Then he was very angry that he called me and fed him food without salt. Then the little princess removed her naqab and said.

“Father, I want you as much as salt. That’s what I said. Without salt there is no pleaser in anyting.”  The king was shocked. Then he went ahead and hugged his daughter and her eyes when she appolgized to her daughter, the princess said, “It’s Okay, fathter. God is for everyone. Don”t worry, I’m very happy now.”
The sisters also apologized and hugged. And the princess forgave everyone with open heart. But made them all realized that they were wrong.

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