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Islamic Quotes in Urdu! in this blog we will cover the Quotes about life, Quotes about succes, Struggle Quotes, Islamic Quotes, and Life Islamic Quotes in Urdu.

If you are looking for a something new that encourage you to set your life in right direction. Words are the most powerfull waepon in the world that can change the life of person from rich to poor and poor to rich. so the use of words very crucial language.

In todays world to become a successful person is neccesssary to understand and read the quotes of successfull persons. Languages are the tool for quotes Urdu langugae is mostly used language for quotes.


Islamic Quotes in Urdu about Success

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Hum taleem khareed sakhty hai, lekin aqul khuda ka ata karda tuhfa hai. (Sadar Hasan Minto)

“We can buy education but intelligence is a gift given by God.”


Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Aqalman shakhs wo hai jo anjam soch kar kaam kary. (Hazrat Ali)

“A wise person is a person who works with the end in mind.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Musibat agar insan ko dolatmand nahi to aqalmand zaroor bana deti hai.

“Adversity makes a man wise if not rich.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Aqalmand apny aib khud dekhta hai or bewaquf ky aib dunya dekhti hai. (Shaikh Saadi)

“A wise man sees his own faults and the world sees the faults of a fool.”

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Islamic Quotes in Urdu

insan ky liye wahi kuch hai, jiski ky liye wo koshish kary. (Al Quran).

“For man is that which he strives for.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Mehnet itni khamoshi sy karo ky dunya tumhari kamyabi sy show macha dy.

“Work so quietly that your success makes noise.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Badi manzilo ky musafir chota dil nahi rakhty. (Wasif ali wasif)

“Travelers of great destinations are not small-hearted.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Zara num ho to yeh mitti badi zarkhex hai saki. (Allama Iqbal)

“If is it slightly moist, this soil is very fertile.”

Life Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Zindagi khud rasty banati hai, Rasty zindagi nahi banaty. (Saadat hassan mintu)

“Life itself makes paths, paths do not make life.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Zindagi riyazi ky sawal nahi jiska jawab maloom ho sakhy.  (Wasif Ali Wasif)

“Life is not a mathematical question that can be answered.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Zindagi jabar musalsal ki tarah kati hai, jany kis juram ki paye hai saza yaad nahi. (Sagar Siddique)

Life is cut like constant oppression, I don’t know what crime I have been punished for.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Zindagi hai ya koi tufan hai.

“It’s life or there’s a storm.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu about Struggle

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Waqt acha bhi aye ga Kamran, gum na kary zindagi padi hai abhi.

“Good time will come, Kamran, don’t be said, life is now”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Waqt to waqt pur badalta hai lekin insan kisi bhi waqt badal sakhta hai.

“Time changes from time but man can change at any time.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Mushkil waqt sabhi pur aata hai, koi bikhar jata hai koi nikhar jata hai.

“Hard times come to everyone, some break down, some flourish.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Waqt, Aitbar, aur Izzat aisy parindy hai ko ad jaye to wapis nahi aaty.

“Time, trust and honor are birds that fly and nevers come back.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Mangi hui muhbaat ka mazza bigdi hui sharab jesa hota hai. (Bano qudsiya)

“Unsolicited love tastes like spoiled wine.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Sitaron sy aagy jahan aur bhi hai abhi ishq ky imtehan aur bhi hai.

“There are other places beyond that star, therea re still more tests of love.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Zameen ky safar me agar koi cheez asmani hai to wo muhabbad hai.

“If anythins is heavenly in the jouney of earth, It is love.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Muhabbat len dain nahi muhabat sirf denn hai. (Mumtaz Mufti)

“Love is not transaction, love is only religion.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Har us dost pur bharosa karo jo mushkil me tumhary kaam aya ho. (Hazrat Ali)

Trust every friend who has come to your aid in times of trouble.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Rishty nibhany ka zaraf na ho to rishty banany sy purhaiz karain.

“If you don’t have the capacity to have a relationship, avoid making a realtionship.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Ten rishty ten waqton men pehchany jaty hai, Aulad budhapy me, biwi gurbat me, dost musibat me.

“Three realtionships are recognized in three periods, Children in old age, wife in poverty, friends in trouble.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Achy Logon ka milna hi achy mustaqbil ki zamanat hai.

“Meeting good people is the guarantee of a good future.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Kisi rishty ko kitni bhi muhabat sy bandha jaye lekin agar izzat aur lihaz chala jaye to muhabbat bhi chali jati hai.

“No mattter how much love is attached to a relationship, if the respect and consideration goes away, the love also goes away.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Bury dost sy bacho esa na ho ky wo tumhara taruf ban jaye. (Imam Malik)

“Beware of a nad friend lest he become your introduction.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Samjahdar admi nazar hamehsa nichi aur niyat kharab rakhta hai. (Mushtaq Ahmed Yousfi)

“A wise man always looks low and has bad intentions.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Muhabbat insan ko andha kar phir shadi yeh binaye lautati hai. (Dr. Muhammad Younis But).”

“Love makes a man blind and then marriage restores this sight.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Khawand ky liye biwi ko samjhna koi mushkil nahi, beshartiyah wo dusry ki ho. (Dr. Muhammad Younis But)

“It is not difficult for a husband to understand his wife, provided she belongs to another.”

Islamic Quotes in Urdu

Ishq ek marz hai aur jub tak taul na pakdy, murz nahi hota. Mahaz ek mazak hota hai. (Sadat Hassan Minto)

“Love is a disease and until it lasts, it is not a disease. Just a joke.”



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