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Quotes about life! In this blog i come with the most beautiful and best quotes about life tha t will change your life. Words are the most powerfull weapong in the world to fight with any problem in your life. The correct use of words is very crucail term in everyone’s life.

If you want to a successful man then you will need to read these deep quotes about life that will change your mindset and helps you to inspire your life with achieving goals.

30 Best Quotes about Life | Urdu Quotes | Success Quotes | Life Quotes in English

Here are the Best Quotes about life in urdu and english. After reading these quotes i think your mindset is go to right path for your life.

Quotes about Life in Urdu

Quotes about life
“Urooj milny pur Insan Khufa na ban jaye, Isliye khuda ny zawal rakha hai.”

A Person should not become a god after attaining ascendancy,
That’s why God has placed the fall.

Quotes about life

“Sanp so sall bad insan ban jata hai, Aur Insan ko jub bhi mauqa milta hai sanp ban jata hai.”

A snake becomes a human after a hundred years,
And wen a man gets a chance, he turned to snake.

Quotes about life

“Puri dunya me sirf ek hi shakhs hai, jo apki zindagi badal sakhta hai aur wo ap khud hai.”

“There is only one person in the whole world
which can cahnge your life And that is you!

Quotes about life

“Zindagi har jeny waly ky pass hoti hai.”

Life does not have everyone who want to live.

Quotes about life

“Astenoo ko jhad ky dekho adha zahar to apno ka nikly ga.”

Check out the sleeves Half of the poison will be from your realted peoples.

Quotes about life

“Jis ny sukh me shukur ada kiya, us ny dukh me rab ko boht qareeb paya.”

“Who gave thanks in happiness,
He found the lord very close in his suffering.

Best Quotes about Life In English

Quotes about life

“Khuwab jin ky unchy aur mast hoty hain, Imtehad bhi unky zabardast hoty hai.”

Whose dreams are high and lofty,
Exams are also great for them.

Quotes about life

“Gaur kiya jub zindagi ky falsafo pur baat mitti sy shuru hokar mitti me ja milli.”

When considering the philosophies of life,
The matter started from the soil and wen into the soil.

Quotes about life

Jinhy ehsan hi na ho unky sath kesy gily aur kesy shikwy.”

Those who have no mercy with them How to hug, how to doubt.

Quotes about life

“Be qadri to honi thi hum us ko muyasar jo thy.”

There had to be disrecpect We were able to do it.

Quotes about life

“Fikr me rahogy to khud jalogy, Befikr rahogy to dunya jalygi.”

If you worry, You will burn yourself
If your remain careless, the world will burn.

Quotes about life

“Mujy logon ko padhna nahi ata magar un pur aitbar karky sabaq zaroor mil jata hai.”

I can’t read people
But a lesson by trusting them
It is definitely found.

Quotes about life

“Kabhi zindagi ek pul me guzar jati hai,
kabhi zindagi ka ek pul nahi guzarta.

Sometimes life passes in an instant
A moment of life never passes.

Quotes about life

“Zinda rehna chaha to mauq qayamat hai, aur marna chaha to “Zindagi” qayamat hai.”

If you want to live, death is the resurrection
And if you want to die, “life” is recurrection.

Quotes about life

“Zindagi ek bar milti hai, Sarasar galat tasawur hai, zindagi to har roz milti hai darasal maut sirf ek hi baar milti hai.”

Life comes once
It if a completely wrong concept
Life happens every day
Actually, death comes only once.

Quotes about life

“Insan gairon sy mili izzat aur apny sy mili zillat kabhi nahi bhulta.”

Human received respect from strangers
And he never forgets his humiliation.

Quotes about life

“Khud pur yaqeen hona chahiyea, Sahary hai to hai jo sahara kary hai.”

One should believe in onself
Support only makes the helpless.

Quotes about life

“Zindagi muhabbat ky baghair esi hai jesy wo ped jis me phool ho na phul.”

Life without love is like that
A tree that has no flowers or fruit.

Quotes about life

“Hum sub rehty to ek hi dunya me hain, lekin sub ki dunya alag alag hai.”

We all live in the same world
But everyone’s world is different.

Quotes about life

“Insan jub zindagi ky imtehano sy guzar kar pathar ho jata hai to koi dil dukha bhi dy to bura nahi lagta.”

When a person passes through the tests of life, the stone
If it happens, it does not feel bad if someone shows his heart.

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Quotes about life

“Jo dil ky sachy hoty hai wo aksar akely hoty hain.”

Thos who are true heart
They are often alone.

Quotes about life

“Waqt gehry samandar me gira hua moti hai, jis ka dubara milna na mumkin hai.”

Time is a pearl dropped in the deep sea
Which is not possible to meet again.

Quotes about life

“Muhabbat to ek ehsash haii jis sy ho jaye, bus wahi khas hai.”

Love is a feeling
Whatever it is, that is the only thing that is special.

Quotes about life

“Zindagi ki ladaye akely hi ladni padti hain, log sirf tasali dety hai sath nahi.”

The battle of life has to be fought alone
People only comfort, not support.

Quotes about life

“Gussy ky waqt thoda ruk jaye aur galati ky waqt thoda jhuk jaye, zindagi asan ho jayegi.”

Stop when angry
And bend a little when you make a mistake
Life will become easier.

Quotes about life

“Jin me tanha chalny ky hosly hoty hai, ek din unhi ky pechy qafly hoty hai.”

Thos who have the courage to walt alone
One day there are caravans behind them.

Quotes about life

“Aag lagany walon ko kaha khabar rukh hawaon ny badla to khak wo bhi hongy.”

Where is the news?
The winds changed
They will also be dust.

Quotes about life

“Kuch log muskurahatain bekhair kar bhi yeh ehsas nahi hony dety ky wo andar sy mar chuky hai.”

Some people even spread smile
They don’t realize that
They are dead inside.

Quotes about life

“Kehny walo ka kuch nahi jata sehny waly kamal karty hai.”

Nothing goes to the naysayers
Those are endure to wonders

Quotes about life

“Ehsan ki khobi yeh ia ky usy jataya na jaye.”

The vistue of kindnes is that it cannot be won.

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